Ceramic Veneers

Design the best version of your smile with “Ceramic Veneers” treated by Esthetic and Restorative Dental Specialist.  Durable and nice ceramic (porcelain) veneers will be pasted on your teeth to make them extraordinary with shape and color you are satisfied. Just come and let us do what we are expert.

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  • Before-veneer

Dental Implant

If you lost your tooth even from incident, big cavity or unexpected disease. It is not a good idea to leave the gap for longtime since it will cause more problem to your other teeth. Anyway, our Implantologist could provide you the new tooth by dental implant. Quality dental implant system will be put on your jaw then top up with dental crown. It could replace your losing tooth naturally and help you on your chewing, talking and bring back your beautiful smile once again.

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Root Canal Treatment

Even nowadays an artificial tooth is very similar to natural tooth. Keeping your real one would be the best choice if you can. If you feel pain, sensitive or something wrong as a result of root canal infection. Endodontist, the special one born to be your hero on this matter could help you to stop your pain by remove the nerve in your tooth, disinfect and fill the hole to keep your permanent tooth with you.


Align your teeth with orthodontics by our specialist (Orthodontists). Any misaligned teeth, crooked, gap, overbite which resulted in abnormal occlusion and less confident when smiling could be treated by braces, DAMON braces or Invisalign. These solutions will bring your best smile which you are looking for.

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Gap Closure/Bonding/Aesthetic Filling

Gap between front teeth, chipped tooth or front tooth cavity can be treated by aesthetic filling by our experience aesthetic dental specialist. Our expertise will solve the problem like it has never existed.

  • Before-Aesthetic Filling
    After-Aesthetic Filling
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  • Before-Dental Crown
    After-Dental Crown
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Dental Crown

Dental crown is used to prevent your permanent tooth from damage due to  big cavity that hardly to recover by normal filling. It also help on broken or abnormal tooth as well as put on dental implant replacing your losing tooth. There are many material such as Metal, Gold, Zirconia and Porcelain. Its color could be selected to match with your others permanent teeth naturally.

Dental Surgery

Wisdom tooth extraction and dental surgery are very importance since it related to nerve underneath your gum. Our oral surgeon will make sure all these critical dental work are perfectly completed and you will need less time for recovering.

Teeth Whitening

Turn yellowish teeth which are changed time by time from your daily meal and drink. Teeth whitening will improve your personality, confidence and good looking on your smile. All processes are safe for your oral and teeth due to high quality of whitening chemical and taking care by experience dentist.

General Dental Checkup/Treatment

Dental check up is a preventive way to keep your good oral health. Teeth cleaning, filling, extraction and replace old filling material are general practice to prevent oral disease. Dentist could inspect your teeth during check up then give you a professional advice if it seem to have a problem in the future. Additionally, you may wonder, ‘Is tori removal covered by medical insurance?’ If you’re looking for Delta 8 Products to Relieve Pain, to Relax, or Just Get to Sleep, you can also read this article for more insights and gain some knowledge on the topic.