Teeth Whitening Promotion

10 Aug 2018

Teeth Whitening Promotion

Your teeth, like sponge, have pores and will absorb things meaning that everything you put into your month that has color will be absorbed and stain your teeth color. Wine, Coffee, tea, and smoking are extremely active in staining teeth. Unless you remove these stains regularly, the stains will remain and become darker over time.

😁✨ Our valued package for in-office teeth whitening, USA product, only 4,990 THB (normal price is 8,500 THB) plus FREE teeth cleaning!!

📣This offer is limited time only. Please book your appointment in advance via
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Bangkok Dental Care is on the 3rd fl. at Century the Movie Plaza Sukhumvit (Next to BTS On-Nut – Exit no.3)

***Results may vary from person to person. Certain exclusion apply. Please contact us for more info***